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Přispěl jsem do sousedské diskuze na téma, že prý náš guvernér Gavin Newsom uspěl v boji proti globálnímu oteplování a tudíž jeho odvolání by nebylo dobré:
Jelikož už mi podobné příspěvky smazali, dám ho sem:
Tom J. Tom, did you notice that I did not call you stupid or an embarrassment to our education system? I didn’t do it, because I don’t know you. What do you know about me? Do you know what education I have?
I posted a link to a video. Did you watch it? Obviously you didn’t, because your PS comment would be very different. Wouldn’t you agree that Carl Jung or Joost Meerloo have top stuff? Or Václav Havel? I happened to know Václav through his very close friends who were also close to me. He is definitively no fake. Look these people up, you may be surprised.
Your analogy with human body is absolutely and totally false. Earth’s climate is not a human body. In addition, organic chemistry works very differently than the inorganic one.
Have you heard of the scientific method? You probably have, I don’t want to insult your intelligence. But do you know what it actually means and how is it practiced? Wikipedia in this case provides valid answer:
Back to your comparison of the climate with human body. To say that something could cause Y doesn’t mean that the Y is caused by that something. You must engage the scientific method and figure it out. Only to say it or parrot someone else it doesn’t mean it is true.
I know something about computer modeling. The models that try to predict climate are simply false, because we don’t know the long term processes and interactions between land, oceans and atmosphere. We have no clue why Gulf Stream is behaving like it is behaving right now, for example. And that’s not all.
It is the Sun that is defining our climate. Suggesting that it is CO2 is simply laughable. In addition, there are more major factors, such as Earth’s axis tilt and variations in its orbit. And there is more.
Recent discoveries also confirmed that the hard cosmic rays in gama spectrum have substantial influence on forming of the clouds. Gamma rays have high energy and they are influencing gases substantially on quantum level, which we also don’t understand at all.
And that’s only start. If the clouds are forming predominantly during the day, then the Earth is cooling. If they form predominantly during the night, then the Earth is warming. How all of that influences the ocean streams? Do you know the answer? Does anyone know the answer even close? I can help you. Nobody knows.
Climate is a chaotic system and for any accurate prediction of its future behavior we need to have huge amount of base data. There are no dependable and accurate climate data for more than couple of decades. Simply put it, for any accurate climate predictions we have practically no usable data. Close to zero. Or close to nothing.
Tom, you are being fooled and played by the Party. Think about George Orwell and his novel 1984. Did you read it? No? Then you must read it. In case you have read it, did you understand it? My guess is not at all. The big question: Do you really want to understand 1984? My guess is also no…

Jistěže jsem si vědom, že přesvědčit individuum říkající si Tom J. není možné. Ale zase mi individuum pomohlo zformulovat argument, za což jsem vděčný…