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Něco v angličtině, jistě nevadí:
I am more than convinced that the US is heading towards another Socialist Revolution as it happened before in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy or Soviet Union and in other countries in different times.
The argument that nothing like the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia will happen here, because this is America as argued by someone before, is completely false, because even America consist of humans and human nature is such that it will be always the most corrupt by money and power if moral compass is lost. The Party succeeded in Russia and other countries in the past, because of complete absence of this moral compass and willingness to seize power by any means necessary. The Party of today fits exactly the same definition as the Party of yesterday and as defined in 1984 by George Orwell, which I mentioned before
And I will mention again that the problem is that folks read this incredible piece of literature only for entertainment and not thinking how it was inspired, by whom, when and by what events including the entire context. That is why we are deemed to repeat history again and again similar to the events that inspired writing of 1984 that lead directly to the worst human made disaster of WW2, which the humans of today mostly still don’t understand…