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Více na téma fašismus vs. komunismus and kdo vlastně je pravičák a levičák:
Public today is very confused what actually Fascism is and what it means to be on the right and on the left. Naturally it must be because since vast majority of historians are leftists if not straight Communists, then, of course, fascism must me on the right and on the opposite of the enlightened leftist and Communist philosophers and historians. But, of course, that is not the case. These two are almost the same.
Fascism is a true leftists ideology and is actually softer form of Communism. In other words Communism is an extreme version of Fascism and similarly Nazism is also an extreme version of Fascism adopted by the Nazi Party of Germany. And, in addition, as Karl Marx is a father of Communism then Giovanni Gentile is a father of Fascism and he himself was very influenced by him, but rejected Marxism as too extreme. Similarly as Karl Marx and his followers Gentile’s philosophy considered a liberal democracy such the one in the UK and USA as too individualistic, too centered on liberty and personal rights and therefore selfish. See who Giovanni Gentile was on Wikipedia:
The true democracy, in Gentile’s words, includes individuals willingly subordinating themselves to the fascist state and it was then the state’s task to make sure all the people do that one way or the other. The only difference between Communism and Fascism is that Communists went much farther than just subjecting individuals to the state, they also subjected all the property to the state in a process they called “nationalization”, which meant to put all the property in the hands of “the people”. Fascists only didn’t go in their reforms as far as the Communist did and that’s all what differentiate these two.
People and scholars use labels “left” and “right” only because after the World War Two leftists and Communists had to differentiate themselves from the defeated Fascists and Nazis, since it was still very fresh in memory that it was them who started the war, the German Nazis and Communist Soviet Union. Have you ever heard of Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty? Yes, the German Nazis and Soviet Communists were allied back then and later on it was them who started the war when the Fascist (or Nazi to be precise) Germany attacked Communist Soviet Union. It is a really interesting twist that both countries called themselves “socialist”.
When people will finally understand who is who? So far it looks like it will take another world war to get things straight.
PS: In fact, there are two political factions in these days and they are not right and left, but they are right and wrong…