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    Arizona senator<

    Forrestal Johnny “The Songbird” is no hero or patriot – This post is from a US Navy Aviator who served with McCain: TRUE!! AND. . he LIED about it!! RESPECTFULLY, you NEED to have this conversation with some Naval Aviators and officers of that era!!! *I* am ONE of those and KNOW the “true story” of Admiral McCain’s little thug son, John!
    McCain was a traitor and collaborator, while being held captive. He was given preferential treatment, due to the fact that his captors felt he was ‘royalty’, due to his family ‘connections’. They didn’t understand why someone SO ‘connected’ was putting himself in ‘harm’s way’. Different culture than ours.
    His “shoot down” was self-induced, as he DISOBEYED ORDERS and flew well below the ‘floor’, getting himself shot down. There were several other jets on that particular mission and HE was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders!
    His ENTIRE life has been one of disrespect of orders and authority, believing himself bullet-proof, due to his ‘family name’ and his dad and grand dad being HIGH ranking Navy Admirals!
    His ‘nickname’ in his HS yearbook was “Punk” and he displayed that behavior as he went on to the USNA, where he robbed someone, more deserving, of a slot in his class, due to the ‘influence’ of his father.
    He SHOULD have been expelled, several times, but the folks at USNA did not want to go up against dad. He graduated FIFTH FROM THE BOTTOM in his class . . but STILL ended up going to Pensacola for flight training!@! His classmates who actually ‘made the grade’ were aghast when he showed up down there.
    His flight grades were well below acceptable and he should have been run out of there too . . he was an ABYSMAL aviator . . crashing on base leg at Corpus for carrier qualification training. . he had been out drinking the night before and FELL ASLEEP after turning base leg and ‘configuring’ for landing . . he crashed ‘wings level’ and straight ahead into Corpus Bay . . too bad for us he wasn’t over land . . story would have ended there.
    He destroyed two other A/C after arriving in the Fleet . . before being shot down.
    His nickname in Hanoi was “Songbird”. . due to the information he willingly gave his captors. . tactical stuff. .like ‘routes, altitudes’, etc., that our guys used to fly from the boat to their targets and he got several of my fellow aviators shot down and killed. He recorded 32+ propaganda bits (a la Tokyo Rose) to be played for our enlisted troops . . to undermine their moral.
    The bogus ‘story’ about not coming home early, when he could have, is just common sense. He KNEW he would have been ‘court martialed’ IF he had accepted any kind of early release, based upon his ‘family connections’.
    After his release, his Navy ‘flying career’ SHOULD have been over, based upon his permanent injuries, but, his dad intimidated a flight surgeon and he wrongly got back his flight medical status, when ANYONE else would NOT have ‘passed’ with his ‘condition’. He was ‘awarded’ the position of XO at the Navy’s largest training squadron, VA-174 at NAS Cecil and when the CO moved on, he was ‘selected’, over MANY more qualified officers, to become CO. .he used his position as XO and CO to take young (junior) female pilots on X-Country flights and screwed their brains out
    I was in the Reserves, flying around the country at that time and it WAS the talk of the flight line !! EVERYONE knew what he was doing . . THAT is ILLEGAL in the military and he SHOULD have been convicted at Court Martial for ‘fraternization’ . .INSTEAD . .daddy got him moved out of the squadron and put in charge of the Navy’s “Liaison” in DC . . along with a VERY early promotion to Captain . . the rest, as they say, is history.
    John McCain IS a scum bag . . a DISGRACE to the uniform we wore and his spots did not change when he became a politician!
    Do a GOOGLE . . there is a LOT more stuff out there. .BUT, this snippet, below, is REALLY DAMNING . . there are some ‘heavy hitter’, respected politicians and leaders on there, calling McCain the treasonous SCUM he IS!!

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    John McCain nastval hodne veteranu, tak se vynoruji vselijake povidky o tom, jaky je to hajzlik. Urcite nebyl svatousek. Objektivne to posoudit nemuzu, protoze se domnivam, ze to je spise zalezitost vnitrnich zasvecenych a ne predmet, ke kteremu by se meli vyjadrovat civilisti. Je to interni afera. Ja posuzuji McCaina dle jeho poslednich cinu a projevu, kde se zda byt uplne mimo, stale jeste zije ve Studene valce a nebude jiny. Ma zaryty stav mentalniho zacyklovani. Na jednu stranu se nedivim, uz je mu pres 80 let a urcity druh senility v tomto stadiu zivota je normalmi, natoz jeste zatizeny smrtelnou chorobou. Resistence proti Trumpovi je jeho posledni hura- ve smyslu :”svete, jeste jsem tady a kopu”…..

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    Nechut s McC nemaji pouze veterani, nase orgnizace “swift boat assoc” s prohlasenima McC a rady jinych clenu kongresu vede spor uz dlouho.
    Senator za Arizonu, (muj stat) je senatorem pouze a jedine ze se proti nemu nenasel nikdo, kdo by touzil vysedavat na Kapitolu.
    Bohuzel je tam, a vybojoval si misto ze tam i zemre.
    Domnivam se ze on je typicky priklad toho, ze bude muset dojit k reseni trvani funkcniho obdobi na Kapitolu.

    Tihle Trumpovi odpurci si zasadne neuvedomujou, ze jejich sinekury se rozpadaji, obcanstvo ma moznost kontrolovat cinnost politickych osob, a to je i dusledek vyhry Trumpa, proti kteremu lobisti nasadili galerii nymadu a zoufale se snazi udrzet.

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    No jo no. Na Jihu maji zaslouzileho senatora, ktery jistojiste patri do domu duchodcu, toho pana Cochrana. Republikan za Mississippi, byvaval to dobry kongresman. Toho si pamatuji, ze byl ve Washingtonu uz v dobe zacatku me emigrace, coz je skoro 40 let. Ted uz je chudak tak senilni, ze na zavazne politicke otazky odpovida, jak hezky sviti venku slunicko…

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    Senátor Thad Cochran je definitivně jeden z vážných problémů dnešní republikánské strany. Proč nechtěli aby v primárkách vyhrál mnohem mladší místní politik state Sen. Chris McDaniel ? Politicko se nad tím zamýšlí zde:

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    Problem s omezenim doby pro Kapitol je konstitucni dolozka. V teto situaci se zda ze system prestava pracovat. Je otazka jak prestavet system. V poslednich volbach se ukazalo ze “lobyste” ztraceji vliv. Volic jde vlastni uvahou ne medialnimi lhari. Ono to neni vubec o Trumpovi, je to o posouzeni ze tak jak dosud lidi jako nas McCain a jini dobrodejove to proste dal nejde.

    Obava je z jinych moznych variant tykajicich se politickych dynastii.

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